Sales - “Vow”


Orlando’s SALES are quickly becoming one of my faves of 2014.  They have been steadily releasing a wave of beautiful and honest pop gems.  ”Vow” continues this trend.  While there’s no Baltimore stop on their current tour, they do swing by DC on June 18th at Comet Ping Pong.

Ludwig Persik - “Willow”


USSR via Manhattan musician Ludwig Persik kills it with this intricate pop jam. His debut EP, produced by Warp’s Jamie Lidell, is due out soon!



New/old BRAIDS…no other explanation need - its perfect.

Also they play the 9:30 Club in two days opening for Wye Oak…so damn.

Power Animal - “Unkept”


Keith Hampson aka Power Animal has been a longtime favorite of PP.  Recently he wrote a small essay on his life growing up with Tourettes among other things, and how he has learned to essentially deal with them.  It’s quite amazing as is this new song he wrote that accompanies the essay.

"I do still on occasion get in little ruts, though, and sometimes if I’m feeling down, every tic becomes reminder of that period of my life. I’ll suddenly get this rush of what that felt like to be so alienated from the world. One of the reasons I’m writing this is to alleviate some of that alienation, both for myself and, hopefully, for other people who might be going through what I went through."

Nicholas Nicholas - “Meet Me In The Park”

A few months ago my pal Eric Littman (Steve Sobs, Phantom Power) tipped me off that he was playing guitar on Chris Masullo’s project Nicholas Nicholas.  Ever since then I’ve been soaking myself in his murky pop sounds.  This new one is sooooomething elso though!!!

Little Rib - “Coming Home”

It’s raining oceans outside today in Baltimore - a perfect time to cozy up to this gem of a lullaby from Baltimore’s Little Rib just released on Record Store Day.

Blacksage - Sixtape


Damn damn damn. Newest release from Baltimore’s Friends Records. This is some seriously intense and captivating dark pop. Listen to it. Buy it. Etc.

Call me - “Disclosed”


Stop everything.  Stockholm’s Anna Nordenström flat out kills it. It starts off as subtle wandering subdued electronic pop, but her voice pushes the wave high.

Her project, Call me, will have a full LP out in September, but for now…

Shunkan - “Wash You Away”


This is some roughed up and battered lo-fi rock from New Zealand’s Shunkan (Marina Sakimoto).  The guitars are somehow blistering and intense, but ocean washed and muddled.  So much so that I didn’t notice that this track is without drums…totally thought there were drums…but it was guitar…dig it.

The track is taken from the Art Is Hard EP, Honey, Milk, and Blood - get it.



Strange Times People Band, Ura Rider, The Hecks, and Functionary. 9pm, ye$ @ The Crown


Curse, Elagabalus, The Funeral & the Twilight, Prostate, and Truth Serum @ Fifth Dimension

The Bowlegged Gorilla, Noah Kain, Fax Holiday(MA), and Radiator King (NY). Ye$ @…